The safe & simple method to bulletproof your low-back

We Are Resilient

Like a mack truck broadsiding me at fifty miles per hour, when the pain hit, it nearly dropped me to my knees. 

While leading my first yoga teacher training course, demonstrating a shoulder stand for eight enthusiastic trainees - although I’m quite sure I winced (and maybe even shed a private tear), out of sheer will I held it together and told myself whatever that mystery pain was, I’d work it out by morning. 

I was wrong.

Two decades of teaching and being a devoted yoga practitioner - with as many years training in anatomy, physiology and therapeutics - I’ve helped hundreds of people feel more at home in their bodies and learn to eliminate or manage a spectrum of aches and pains.

No one was more surprised than I by the debilitating, and at times, constant low back pain that followed.

When the acute low back pain turned persistent, I tried everything I knew from yoga, strengthening, stretching, restorative practices, and even doing nothing (which is way harder than it looks). Convinced that my years of experience held the promise relief, I ignored the pain and suffered on. Being unable to resolve it was humbling, frustrating, and depressing.

Fast forward 18 months when a good friend said to me, "Brent, you've been in pain way too long-- it's time you get some help!"

When the student is ready the teacher appears. 

Taking my friend’s advice, I went to see her boss, a talented Physical Therapist.

What I learned that day was nothing short of revolutionary. The treatment lasted only minutes and I was free of pain after trying a technique she called, Nerve Flossing. 

The silver lining of having recurring back pain…

Since then I’ve developed a method I call Low Back Resilience, which includes Nerve Flossing - neuromuscular pattern release - and other modalities I use in a super safe and simple 4-step practice that keeps my back resilient, and strong. 

Now when I get out of bed an experience stiffness, weakness, or pain, I know exactly what to do to get back to feeling myself again...

And now you can do the same!

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