The safe & simple method to bullet-proof your low back 

Get Low Back Relief Fast with

LOW BACK RESILIENCE - an online course that teaches you how to 
eliminate low back discomfort, recover faster from bouts of pain 
and build a bulletproof low back.

"I’m less stiff and my yard work is more productive. I feel good!" - Mark McGee

So you’ve tried yoga, physical therapy and used your share of pain-relieving meds... 

Still, you wake feeling like Rigor mortis set-in overnight, get cranky as a badger and feel more exhausted than you should at your age.

The truth is there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for low back issues.

But even if you’ve experienced pain cycles for years and feel confused or discouraged where to turn for relief… 

Take heart, you don’t have to endure low back discomfort one more day! 


  • Occasional low back discomfort, stiffness or weakness
  • Frequent low back pain
  • Recurrent low back issues
  • Lost sleep due to back discomfort or pain


  • The freedom of jumping out of bed instead of crawling...
  • ​Exercising regularly, walking, hiking, jogging (or even running)...
  • ​Pick things up (boxes, babies, barbells) with ease...
  • ​Exercise, dance, make love, and sleep better again!

It’s time to bounce back from low back stiffness or pain, and start enjoying your life again...

Let me show you how!

Hi, I'm Brent, and I feel you...
Like a mack truck broadsiding me at fifty miles per hour, when the pain hit, it nearly dropped me to my knees. 

While leading my first yoga teacher training course, demonstrating a shoulder stand for eight enthusiastic trainees - although I’m quite sure I winced (and maybe even shed a private tear), out of sheer will I held it together and told myself whatever that mystery pain was, I’d work it out by morning. 

I was wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the course be delivered?

The course will be delivered through videos in the members area.

What is taught in the course?

The LBR Method incorporates 4 easy-to-learn healing modalities:

1. Poly Vagal Toning - Techniques to regulate the nervous system and harness the healing power of the vagus nerve

2. Nerve Flossing - Techniques to decrease pain, improve range of motion and flexibility, and improve function and motion

3. Muscle Recruitment - Techniques to "wake up" weak or atrophied muscles

4. Muscle/Fascia Reinforcement - Techniques to build strength in your muscles and fascia

How does the course work?

The Course - 5 modules done in 5 weeks.

Weeks 1-4 - Learn and practice the 4 modalities for one-week each to experience and evaluate your results before moving on to the next modality. [Feel free to go faster if you like, but make sure you try the method for at least 40 days for best results]

Week 5 - Learn LBR “routines” I've designed to incorporate into any other exercise or wellness practice once the course is completed.

LBR routines - Spend 10-minutes per day doing your LBR routine to build your bulletproof back!

How much time is this going to take for me to learn?

I get it, time is more precious to you than ever! 

So I designed the education part of this course to take about 1 hr per week, per module

Then it's up to you! 

I get my LBR routine done in 10 minutes every morning, which saves me tons of time because I'm not sluggish and in pain!

How much is all this going to cost me?

If you paid to learn each of these healing modalities separately, you would expect to spend up to $1,000.00 or more...

My 4-step LBR, signature course is priced at $247.00.

What will you get?

A 5-week course that covers my easy-to-learn steps to teach you how to…

  • Regulate your nervous system to optimize your healing
  • ​Release neuromuscular patterns tied to pain cycles
  • Recruit week or atrophied muscles
  • Reinforce proper muscular and fascial function
  • Routine - discover the LBR routine that is best for you do on the daily, to bulletproof your back!
Now a super effective, risk-free way to bulletproof your low back…
If in 40 days the LBR method isn’t the most effective health habit you’ve tried to help you bounce back from low back stiffness, weakness or pain, I’ll give you your money back!

The Course Overview...

Module 1, Week 1 - Regulate
3 safe & simple ways to regulate and activate the "social engagement" nervous system which sets the stage for the exercises that follow to have maximum benefit and contribute to lasting change.
Module 2, Week 2 - Release
Neuromuscular patterns trapped in a pain cycle, need to be released. Using 2, ultra-easy Nerve Flossing techniques, you’ll release old patterns and pave the way for new strength. 
Module 3, Week 3 - Recruit
Now it’s time to create new neuromuscular patterns. With 4 targeted techniques you’ll recruit the muscles that support optimal low back function. 
Module 4, Week 4 - Reinforce
Once you’ve set the foundation for change through regulating, releasing and recruiting proper muscular function for support, it’s time to strengthen your newly functioning system with 3 surefire techniques to reinforce the optimal functioning of the muscles that support Low Back Resilience. 
Module 5 - Ten LBR Routines
You’ve heard the phrase, “Practice makes perfect.” Actually, practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent. Once you learn the exercises from modules 1-4, I’ll teach you 10 unique, 10-15 minute LBR routines you can practice on the daily, in the time it takes to brew your morning beverage, for permanent benefits!

Bonus Module - Core Training for LBR

Core strength is essential for low back health and proper functioning. Core alone may help many low back problems - but especially when paired with the LBR course - it super charges the positive effects.

What are people saying about the LBR Course?

"The LBR exercises really helped my sleep right away. Thanks!"

- Hannah Sheinin, GI doctor from WA, USA

"Thank you Brent, this is great. I Couldn't be more pleased about signing up for this course. I so appreciate your openness and humor. I'm looking forward to continued learning, support and healing. "

- Lori Marusich, from WA, USA 

"I generally feel refreshed after my morning LBR routine, more energy and a better attitude - and my night routine allows me to sleep better. My muscles feel less tight. My lower back doesn’t hurt as much. I’m less stiff and my yard work is more productive. I feel good!"

- Mark McGee, retired Veteran from WA, USA

"I’ve found this course to be extremely beneficial and recommend it to anyone that wants to learn how to correctly strengthen their back and help eliminate low-back pain. The videos and audios make invaluable references for any time you want to review them. Coaching calls are excellent with Q&A and added instruction as needed. This is an excellent and enjoyable course that produces positive results!" 

- Kathryn MacArthur, retired R.N., BSN from WA, USA

"The instruction is broken down into each simple movement, with the right actions as well as common mistakes clearly articulated - which is hard to do when teaching these things. Anatomically speaking for the low-back, this is the right stuff! Brent has a really good method!"  

- Thomas MacArthur, retired Physical Therapist of 35 years from WA, USA

Now is The time....
Get In the course!!!
Learn this 4-Step Program in 40 days...

The best part is that once you learn the 4 parts of this method, 
you can get your Low Back Resilience exercises done is as little as 10 min per day!
Bonus #3
To get this amount of systemized training, 
education, and support would normally 
cost you $1000 or more... 
But right now you can have all this for a fraction of that!
Is like having your own trainer/physical therapist...
Minus the huge bills.  

Maybe you're still on the fence... That's OK.  
You could ignore this offer and continue...  

... to go day in and day out with low back discomfort, weakness, and/or pain
... spending lots of money getting your low back into the condition it needs to be in for your quality of life
... worrying about missing out on so many life activities that make you happy and satisfied
... wondering how to sleep comfortably or pick something up from the ground
... settling for just imagining yourself doing the chores or jobs you need to do, picking up a lovely baby, or sleeping like one at night!


You can take control of your situation and make positive change starting today!

Remember, Resilience is in you...

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase!
  • ​Nervous System Regulation Training 
  • ​Neuromuscular Pattern Release Training 
  • ​Muscular Recruitment Training 
  • ​Healthy Muscular Reinforcement Training
  • ​Ten LBR Routines 
  • ​Bonus Module: Core for Low Back Resilience 
Investment: $247

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